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Support www.bright-shadow.net

If you want to support www.bright-shadows.net, because you have a great time here solving challenges just do so! It doesn't take a lot of your time or energy.

Challenges (Variety and Quality)

If you have created a challenge that you want to share with all users of this site, please submit it! Especially exploit challenges!
  • Send the whole challenge as an archive (zip/rar)
  • Include a readme.txt with information about how the challenge should appear on the challenge page and the challenge solution
  • Include a howto.txt for the discussion afterwards forum and the admins, giving a detailed explanation of how to solve the challenge.
  • Put the challenge itself in a challenge folder
  • Send it to: stuff@bright-shadows.net
  • Don't forget that if you submit a challenge it is going to be ours. That means you can't just tell us someday that you want us to delete it from our site because you feel like it. This also gives us the chance to modify challenges. Nevertheless you are credited for all your submissions. If you do not feel comfortable with these lines contact theblacksheep to discuss details.
  • We are going to tell you if it gets uploaded as fast as possible.

Tutorials (Information)

If you wrote a tutorial that everyone should read, just send it to us and if it is informative we are going to upload it.
  • Send the tutorial archived
  • To: stuff@bright-shadows.net
  • We are going to tell you if it gets uploaded as fast as possible.

Vulnerable Code (Scripts)

If you have found a PHP/Perl script that comes with a security hole submit it for the Vulnerable Code section. Security holes that haven't been reported are prefered, so that everyone really has to find them by himself.
  • Send me the script or a link where I can download it
  • To: stuff@bright-shadows.net

Donation (Finance)

If you want to support bright-shadows.net with you hard earned money, donate a few bucks for hosting!

Links (Publicity)

Just put a link to: http://www.bright-shadows.net/ on your homepage or tell your friends about us!

Thank you!

Certainly besides asking for support, we also want to say thank you to everyone who is spending time, effort and money at bright-shadows.net.
Especially to everyone who has submitted a challenge (although we haven't used them all!) or who has pointed out things that could be done in a better way!

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