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Hi, here we want to give beginners a kind of help. We will add tutorials here for different types of challenges so you can get an idea of them. After reading one of the tutorials you should be able to solve at least one of our challenges of the specified category. The aim of this site is not to show you how you can devastate homepages or do some real hacking. But it is very important to know how to program secure HTML, JavaScript, Perl or PHP applications.
But now let's start :-)

Tutorials written by bright-shadow users

Weaknesses in Web-Applications is the first tutorial I wrote and I did it to help all the people out there that have problems finding material that helps them to learn the basics of making web-applications more secure. If I have time I will add more and more information to it. The newest version will be available here! If the content of the tutorial changes the version number changes. If I just fix some spelling errors the version stays the same but you can check the date of the last change. If I made any mistakes just write me an email (webmaster at bright-shadows.net),pm me or write a message in the forum!

Security of Web-Applications

Buffer Overflows, Format String Attacks, ...